The Residence Inn


Within the prestigious portfolio of Marriott Bonvoy, The Residence Inn stands as a beacon of luxury hospitality worldwide, renowned for offering its lucky guests a harmonious blend of amenities and elegantly spacious suites, fostering a sense of space, freedom, and tranquility. In a bespoke endeavour for the Residence Inn in Ghent, Belgium, Teamworkglobal took centre stage, undertaking the design, development, and production of a custom tile curated specifically for the foyer bar counter. Crafted in a 10.5×21.5 cm size, these bespoke tiles were meticulously designed to fit seamlessly on the curved surface of the counter, showing Teamworkglobal's attention to detail. The white tiles, boasting a pearly texture and glossy finish, were strategically chosen to impart an airy luminosity and an additional layer of elegance to the hotel's interior design scheme. 

ProductBespoke Fluted Tiles
LocationGhent, Belgium