Flagship Store

Teamworkglobal proudly contributed to the inception of bespoke tiles for the flagship store of the renowned Flannels multi-brand clothing retail chain in London. This project aimed to craft a store of unparalleled style and design, showcasing exclusive elements. The focal point became the striking ceramic tiles, available in two sizes (9.3×18.6 and 7×29.5 cm), strategically arranged to create a captivating flooring design. Alternating cobalt blue hues, coupled with a meticulously handmade "drip" effect, underline the artisanal craftsmanship of the tiles. Introducing a warm brown tile, deliberately contrasting the cool blue palette, the architects specific request for a dropped and tone-deaf effect further enhances the bespoke nature of the project.

DesignerP+P Architecture
ProductBespoke Tiles with dropped and detonated effect
LocationLondon, UK