Cocciopesto, an ancient building material reimagined, offers waterproof flooring, wall covering and fixtures. Crafted from finely crushed brick fragments and lime-based mortar, it embodies artistry, craftsmanship, and eco-friendliness. Versatile in its applications, it transforms into original objects like tables, washbasins, and kitchen tops. Each piece bears unique designs, hand-pigmented with natural oxides for nuanced colors. Its surface, smoothed by hand, exhibits characteristic ripples and granular textures. Treated for hydro-oil repellency, it maintains durability and light-fastness. Our production integrates recycled materials.

Porcelain stoneware

Teamwork Global prioritizes the use of superior, environmentally sustainable raw materials to craft high-quality tiles, with a focus on recycled content and supplies from reputable Italian sources to minimize carbon emissions. Porcelain stoneware, celebrated for its durability, density, and hypoallergenic properties, is chosen for its adaptability to both indoor and outdoor settings. This material, known for its resistance to temperature changes, frost, fire, stains, acids, and chemicals, requires minimal maintenance, ensuring both aesthetic appeal and long-term reliability for a variety of architectural and design projects.


  • Great resistance to: thermal shocks, frost, fire, stains, acids, and chemical products. Hypoallergenicity: does not release pollutants
  • It doesn't need maintenance It is easy to clean
  • Its color remains unchanged over time
  • 100% fireproof material.

White Clay

We specialize in crafting custom ceramic tiles for interior cladding from white clay, a versatile yet less thermally resistant and more porous material than stoneware, making it ideal for special glazing but less suited for outdoor use. Selected for its ability to produce vibrant and suggestive color effects, white clay meets our high technical standards through the use of the Neutro White mixture, composed of the finest raw materials from Italy. Our choice underscores a commitment to environmental sustainability and health, as white clay tiles are free from harmful organic toxins like VOCs, formaldehyde, and PVC, promoting a long lifespan, energy-efficient production, and adherence to zero-waste principles with natural, reusable materials.


Glazing stands at the forefront of artistic innovation, blending unfettered creativity with a mastery of color and finish customization for our tiles. This art, with roots stretching back over 10,000 years to ancient civilizations such as Mesopotamia and Egypt, was refined by Islamic cultures and later introduced to Europe by Arab-Spanish influencers, flourishing in Italy's Renaissance period. Today, this tradition continues to evolve, particularly in the Sassuolo ceramic district of Italy, supported by cutting-edge software that ensures the perfect balance of glaze components. Our artisans merge traditional skills with the latest technologies in a daily pursuit of creating unique, visually striking effects, embodying a marriage of originality and beauty.

Our commitment to innovation is matched by our dedication to sustainability, utilizing recycled materials, especially metal waste, to produce environmentally conscious glazes. This approach not only yields products with distinctive appearances and safety but also aligns with our goal of advancing toward a greener future. By viewing waste as a valuable resource, we challenge the prevailing mass production paradigms, aiming to redefine industry standards for environmental stewardship and artistic expression in glazing.




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