Third Space

Luxury Fitness Club

Explore the epitome of wellness sophistication at the latest Third Space luxury fitness club in Islington, London. Evolving beyond traditional gym concepts, Third Space has expanded both in size and vision to offer a holistic experience seamlessly blending workouts and relaxation. A pivotal element in achieving this synergy is the bespoke ceramic tiles adorning the spa area, crafted by Teamworkglobal with a commitment to sustainability—including 50% recycled material.

Teamworkglobal's craftsmanship shines through in the creation of three custom-made pink tiles, each boasting a unique geometric pattern, sized at 6×20 cm. The tiles feature an uneven fabric-like texture, glossy finish, and a custom colour meticulously matched to the existing floor, creating an elegant interior that sets the right mood for clients seeking relaxation in the lap of luxury after a challenging workout.

Not stopping at the spa, Teamworkglobal's expertise extended to the reception desk ceramics, sized at 5.5×23.5 cm. Meeting the architects' specific requirements, a custom glossy crystalline blue finish was meticulously crafted, adding a touch of exclusivity to match a desired product no longer available on the market. These bespoke elements, with their unique patterns, finishes, and custom colours, infuse the interior with sophistication, creating a visually appealing and welcoming environment.

ClientThird Space
DesignerUniversal Design Studio
ProductBespoke Tiles
LocationLondon, UK