Fine Blooms

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Fine Blooms stands as a testament to the impeccable craftsmanship and artistic flair embodied by Universal Design Studio. At the core of this remarkable project is the revival of the ancient Roman technique known as cocciopesto. This age-old method involves a meticulous blend of finely or coarsely ground fragments of Cotto, binders, inserts, and natural pigments. Teamworkglobal's skilled artisans elevate this technique, casting these mixtures into 3D molds that result in the creation of unique curved niches and walls. What sets Fine Blooms apart is the infusion of coloured pebbles, imparting a delightful bloom effect to the cocciopesto masterpieces. This harmonious marriage of ancient traditions and contemporary aesthetics is further accentuated by the sustainable ethos of the project.

ClientFine Blooms
DesignerUniversal Design Studio
LocationDubai, UAE