Cafe Tengo


Teamworkglobal, in collaboration with Hot Mess Studio, has developed a distinctive cladding designed to envelop the exterior facade of Café Tengo in St Austell, UK. The creation includes two uniquely shaped 3D pieces, featuring rounded forms that directly echo the studio's conceptual inspiration. The whitish-gold hues pay homage to the earth's colours, drawing inspiration from the minerals found in the St Austell quarry and contributing to the visual allure of the surroundings. These purposeful 3D tiles double as plant pots, with custom-made apertures to facilitate plant irrigation. This thoughtful design not only enhances the wall's individuality but also integrates a functional aspect by accommodating edible plants. To address the necessity for zero-absorption pieces due to the natural flow of water, premium clays fired at high temperatures were employed, resulting in a zero-absorption porcelain material.

ClientZoe & Martin
DesignerHot Mess Studio
ProductBespoke 3D Tiles
LocationSt.Austell, UK