John Lewis

Department Store

Victoria Gate, situated in the vibrant East of Leeds city centre, seamlessly extends the allure of Victoria Quarter and the city's retail district. This visionary project encompasses a new John Lewis department store, multi-storey parking, and two dynamic arcades housing a mix of shops, restaurants, and leisure facilities. The architectural composition, comprising three distinct elements, pays homage to Leeds's vernacular while establishing individual identities. The John Lewis store, anchoring the scheme on the extension of the Headrow, serves as a prominent gateway into the city centre. Embracing the historical terracotta façades of Leeds, the building's materiality offers a modern twist on traditional aesthetics. Influenced by Leeds's textile heritage and John Lewis, the façade boasts a layered terracotta skin reminiscent of woven fabric, featuring custom-made terracotta panels with a decorative pattern inspired by repetitive hexagonal modular elements. ACME's collaboration with Teamworkglobal introduces a groundbreaking metallic coating finish, utilising semi-noble vacuum metal deposition technology. This eco-friendly and virtually emission-free process ensures the façade's longevity and sheen, ushering in a new era of architectural excellence in Leeds.

DesignerAcme Space
ProductBespoke Hexagon Tiles
with metallic glazing
LocationLeeds, UK