Stella McCartney

Flagship Store

Embark on a global journey of artistic collaboration with Teamworkitaly and Stella McCartney, as stylish rhombus-shaped ceramic tiles, designed with a discerning touch, redefine the ambiance of flagship stores in Paris, Milan, Tokyo, London, and Dubai. Crafted with precision and innovation, these tiles are not only versatile for floor and wall coverings but also find a unique application in enhancing facades. The bespoke rhombus shape, paired with an exclusive salt and pepper finish, introduces a contemporary edge to architectural aesthetics. Teamworkitaly's creative prowess, which has been instrumental in defining Stella McCartney's ceramic coverings, extends to these tiles, offering a seamless blend of form and function for a distinctive and modern appeal.

ClientStella McCartney
DesignerStella McCartney
ProductBespoke Tiles
LocationLondon, UK